"ARE YOU BEING DUPED?" I have been duped. I have been deceived, lied to, tricked, conned and swindled. The question is: Have you been duped, too? The duping I am speaking of goes to the core of our existence - it is by no means trivial. This helps explain why I might be so bold as to use the word 'duped'. I take my cue from Jesus. He directly confronted people and, without compromise, told them they had been duped. For instance, Jesus frequently used the phrase, 'Woe to you', and 'woe' was a serious word back then. The 'woe' statements did not come from anger on Jesus' part, though he did get angry on several occasions. Instead, Jesus attempted to break down walls because eternal life or death was at stake. In several chapters, I include stories in which Jesus directly and personally opposed error. I am hoping to do a little of the same. A few people helped me to see that I was blind, deaf, lost and rebellious. They helped me to see that I had been duped, and they were not often polite about it. Of course, I have nothing against politeness, but I was not the kind of man who would be moved by sentiment and sweet moralizations. Jesus did not exactly break new ground. The Old Testament prophets had also been confrontational. Consider this statement from the prophet Jeremiah: 'The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately corrupt; who can understand it?' (Jer. 17 :9). He said 'the heart' -which for a Jew meant the center or core of their being -is deceitful and desperately corrupt. How strong can you get? Knowing that few, if any, would welcome From the Preface by Kent Philpott Mill Valley, California
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