Celibacy: A Higher Calling? (EPUB)

Is celibacy trending? From what I hear and understand, it may be doing just that, but it is nevertheless on the hearts and minds of many.

My goal is to look at the subject from a Biblical/Christian perspective, though persons of many religious and non-religious world-views may find the topic to be pertinent.

Is sex a pleasure or a pain? “A pleasure for many, and also a pain for many” is the way I answer this question. With the flagrant promotion of sex in the marketplace and its constant presence in front of us and all around us, it would seem that sex is the best thing ever. Yes, sex can be wonderful and a pleasure, but it can also be a big pain and source of anxiety.

We don’t talk much about these things due to our natural shyness and also because we are drifting as a culture toward shame-based. Considering that sex is common and everyday and normal and natural and good and Godly and essential, and considering that we think about it (especially for men) much of our waking hours, we are very skittish about it. I am not trying to change that; rather this is an invitation to a conversation about celibacy. --Kent Philpott

Celibacy: A Higher Calling? (EPUB)
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