Deliver Us from Evil: How Jesus Casts Out Demons Today

Jesus cast out demons during His time on earth, and His followers continue to do the same. Kent Philpott, during the years of the Jesus People Movement, from 1967 to 1975, engaged in the casting out of demons, however reluctantly. Being the author of several books on the subject, he was asked by Christian counselors to prepare a short and concise instruction manual on how the work called deliverance may be approached today. In this second and expanded edition, he presents the biblical theology for casting out demons, lists ways in which people become demonized, and looks at objections and questions many have on the subject. This second edition also discusses the possible connection between hearing voices and demonization. Philpott postulates the potential that the voices many hear are in fact evil spirits, based on years of experience and research. It is not uncommon for voices to disappear once demons are cast out, Philpott discovered over nearly four decades of work with those troubled by spirits. With some trepidation, he approaches this important discussion, considering the large numbers of people who do hear voices and are often quite hesitant to speak of it. Pastor Philpott recommends that those who receive deliverance have follow-up care, preferring a small group setting of those who have had similar experiences - survivors - as an extension of deliverance ministry. Here is a simple and clear explanation of how to go about the increasingly important deliverance ministry.
Book cover: Ruben painting of Daniel in the Lion's Den. Title: Deliver Us from Evil: How Jesus Casts Out Demons Today
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