Divorce Recovery Workshop on DVDs

This material can be used by either individuals for self growth or as the structure around which to create and run a support group. Perfect in areas where no support groups exist, and makes a wonderful gift to a friend who is suffering during a divorce. While the presenters are pastor and wife in a Baptist church, the material is non-religious and non-judgmental. However, "Divorce from a Christian Perspective" is an included essay. Contains nine 30-minute videos on five DVDs plus "How to use the materials" and workshop outlines on one CD. Kent and Katie Philpott present the nine topics: Session 1: Introduction - Why we are here Session 2: Shock and Denial Session 3: Guilt and Rejection Session 4: Fear and Anxiety Session 5: Anger Session 6: Sadness, Loneliness, Self-Esteem Session 7: Letting Go Session 8: Models of Destructive Relationships Session 9: Building a New Relationship

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3 double DVD cases containing 9 videos and PDF documents
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