This book is primarily for pastors of small churches. Friends have told me the book will be useful for pastors of large churches as well. But I had the small church in mind since little is written for the small church and the bulk of my experience is with the small church. Most churches are small churches and they are and always have been the backbone of Christianity. Someone cautioned me that this was a small target audience. Perhaps, yet I have in mind the thousands of students in Bible colleges, institutes, and seminaries who are preparing for the pastoral ministry. In addition, pastors are usually readers and they are the ones who frequently recommend books to members of their congregations. And if all this were not true, it is pastors who I want to reach out to because they are the most influential group, in terms of the kingdom of God, on the planet. From the Preface by Kent Philpott Mill Valley, California
Book: For Pastors of Small Churches
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