If God Wills

“If God Wills” is an expression familiar to the Muslim world (enshallah in Arabic, or "If Allah Wills"). It connotes the hope that God is in control of our lives and world events. Pastor Kent Philpott has been studying Islamic theology and practice for fifteen years, yet maintains his own deep Christian faith. This book is written for both the Muslim and Christian reader to consider various aspects of Islam as found in the Qur’an and other traditional texts and compare them to what Jesus brings as found in the Bible and Christian history. Philpott does not condemn Muslims or attack the tenets of Islam or the prophet Muhammad but reaches out with care and concern with an offer of the love and grace of Jesus. This book is an excellent resource for Christian evangelists and apologists, especially to give away in the Muslim community. ePub and Kindle versions also. A free chapter download of "If Allah Wills" (essentially the same book but specifically with the Muslim book buyer in mind) is available on the Home page.

"If God Wills" in English and "ensha'allah" in Arabic
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