Islamic Studies, 2nd Edition

What should the Christian know about Islam? Islamic Studies, 2nd Edition (60% more material) prepares students in group, class settings, or privately to know all the essentials of Islam's theology, history, rituals, tendencies, and culture for adequate interaction with Muslims. Knowing the differences between Islam and Christianity is crucial for effective witness. The reader will gain an understanding of what causes radicalization and what ex-Muslims say about the need for reform. Additional material in this edition: a condensed study of Sharia Law, both Shia and Sunni versions; a comparison of Islamic and Christian notions of hygiene; “Ultimate Intentions of Islam,” “Who Is Gabriel?” “Debating with Muslims;” and “25 Ways to Enter Paradise.” This sharply cuts research time for the Christian who is serious about learning about Islam. This is what you need to know!
Islamic Studies, 2nd Edition
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