Shining as the Sun: Book 2 of "To Sing God's Praise" (ePUB)

Book Two, Shining as the Sun, continues the journey begun in But Now I See. Pastor Amos Nordquist heads west on the new Northern Pacific railroad line, stopping in the growing boomtown of Billings, MT. There he befriends “Fur Man,” a big drifter familiar with the Sioux Indians as well as the Little Big Horn battlefield. They and three others head down to the battlefield, loosing their way in the snow-covered prairie until surprised and redirected by a party of Christian Sioux in exchange for medical treatment of Sioux children. Amos tells Bible stories to the tribe, learning another name for God, Wakan Tanka (Holy Great), before returning to Billings and heading west. In an extraordinary town blossoming in the boom of the last major gold strike in the lower 48, a cast of characters emerges, including gorgeous, sagacious, and indomitable Molly Burdan, nee Molly B’Dam, drawn to the gold just found near Murray, Idaho. From Murray, Pastor Nordquist travels to Seattle, where he encounters expansive prostitution, graft, and hypocrisy—the reader experiences the tragedy of how Tacoma and Seattle expelled their entire Asian populations. Amos’s terrible temper explodes twice: once with a hypocritical church member cheating on his wife and once with the whole congregation on the Chinese expulsion issue. After lengthy deliberation, Nordquist resigns his pastorate and leaves with his family and belongings moments ahead of the outbreak of the Great Seattle Fire. Over the next several hours, fire will destroy the entire city, including the parsonage.

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Title: Shining as the Sun. Author: Carl Jon Munson. Sunset picture of a church.
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