Small B.I.B.L.E. of Biblical Acronyms

A handy work of art and inspirational wisdom that focuses the Scriptures into a new vision of beauty as you engage with Harold Sweet's ingenious proverbs, poems, and acronym inventions that are meant to rightly define and magnify for today's Christian reader the overall meaning of the word being expressed. Whether you are a seeker, new believer, or seasoned saint, as you lay hold of this book, it will lay hold of you. Sweet is absolutely brilliant in finding and stating simple, concise, profound "hidden" truths that are easily remembered through scriptures, poems, and acronyms. Following are just two of many inventive acronyms that expound the truth of God: GOSPEL=God's Only Son Preached Everlasting Life and PRAY=Personally Reach Adonai Yehovah

Small B.I.B.L.E. of Biblical Acronyms
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