Why I am a Christian - Volume 2

Are you curious about Christianity? Are you a new follower of Jesus trying to make sense of it all? Why I am a Christian-Volume 2 looks at critical issues for a living faith in a refreshing and sometimes blunt style: conversion, the doctrine of election, homosexuality, heaven and hell, hypocrisy, the devil, fundamentalism, organized religion, creation and evolution, and the presence of evil are among the topics. Inside: * What troubled me was the question, “How could a loving god condemn one of his creatures to a horrible place forever?” * Prior to my conversion, I knew that Christians were hypocrites; in fact, I used it as an excuse to reject Christian claims. * Many are gambling that the grave is the end, the absolute end of life. * “You’re a fundamentalist, aren’t you?” I didn’t want to answer. * “How did it happen, Francisco, that you gave up?” I asked. He replied, “I just don’t care anymore. What di_ erence does it make anyway? As hard as I try, I keep ending up back here in prison.” * If it’s organized religion, it must be bad. What else would you expect? * The mystic, shaman, santero or santera, wiccan, medium, channeler, psychic, or yogi all rely on the “soul journey” while in trance. * Why all the fuss about hell? Hell is probably not as bad as they say. Hell is the preferred destination for many; few prefer heaven.
  • ISBN: 9780970329615
Light at the end of the tunnel with man outstretched arms. Title: Why I am a Christian
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